Friday, December 9, 2011


Went to the doctor today.

Watching me for infection for the next few days. Baaaaad asthma. My O2 on treatment was 93%.
I got a shot of steroids in my butt. It hurt wicked for few hours.

Have to take 10 day high steroid dose. Increased albuterol nebulizer too. my brain hurts and it is so hard to think. can't really concentrate.

wash is such good nurse to me. makes me tea.

i should feel worse for while then better soon,. i hope.

my mum made me swoup. i love her soup.


  1. If your Mom is able to (perhaps) help you with Wash, your simply getting some extra hours of uninterrupted, deep-REM sleep would help to decrease your labored breathing, i.e., the lack of adequate, deep-REM sleep is one of the things that also causes your body, (including your alveolar lung tissues, Tashi), to swell up and retain intracellular fluids ............ which makes breathing, as you know, *really hard*. (Your steroid injecton and oral steroid Rx -- plus deep-REM sleep -- all will help to decrease that swelling!!)

    I hope poor, *sick you* feels better soon: keep drinking lots of the hot tea that Wash makes for you, and eating your Mom's soup, too ............ (((*h.u.g.s.*))) from me to you!!

  2. Aw, sorry to hear all that. I'm real glad you're taking care of yourself now, though. Feel better soon!

  3. I completely agree with Rosanna! You have to take care of yourself too, hun.

    Hope you are feeling much better-very soon!

    Rosanna, you must be a nurse too ;)