Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maccababy Miracle

I still have my old VHS tape of the Rugrats 'Channukah' special. I used to watch it EVERY year as a kid, sharing with as many friends as I had at the time.
As I got older, I never really "grew out" of watching it, even as I learned more and more about the actual history and stories of Hannukah.
I have played it for Wash a few times and he seemed to enjoy it, though not the process of actually hooking up the VCR to play it.

This year, I checked online first. Lo and behold the Maccababy Miracle, it's finally on Netflix Instant View. So, we're watching my old special looking great on Wash's tv (his nice one from his bachelor days).

I think we are both trying to make today a "good" day.

There was a lot of stress yesterday, on me, and from Wash.
He was not having a good brain day. I know he was mostly "there", but he got so angry, and said such .... horrible things to me. It was disturbing on so many levels just how deep his words could cut. I still wonder; does he say the things purely as a result of the brain cancer and surgeries, or is it because he knows me so well. His words, hurtful and nasty as they are, for me I wonder just how much truth they hold.

I wonder if he remembers or doesn't sleep as well after telling me I'm less than human. After telling me I'm such a freak I could not belong to any culture on the globe. There's more too, but I personally just want to forget the meaner shit he said.

I've mentioned here before that we both (before we even got married) agreed that our relationship would be the type where we work our shit out and we would not go to bed angry with each other.
For me, it is in some ways harder to do this since we found out about the cancer, and from a perspective easier. I know, I KNOW I have to forgive and at least let my anger go before bed. Easy to say, not always easy in action. Perspective though, tells me that doing it, even if it is so hard to work past the pain of the words or actions, doing it takes some of the pain and some of the stress off of me. If he dies in the night, or if I do, we end on the note and re-affirm that we do still love each other.
I worry always. There is always a chance something will happen in his brain and he just won't wake up as the same person. Every day holds that as an option.

It is hard, so hard to let go of the anger, and work on my own hurt/sad feelings.

I have not gotten anything for Wash yet for Hannukah or Christmas. He went out and "got" me a new small tool to replace my old one, so .... it will be interesting with the "presents" this year.

My present is that he is still alive. My present is that most days he remembers that I'm his wife and his nurse. My present is a good day means he can still talk a walk with me. My present is he still laughs, and he still -sometimes- can have discussions with me.
How am I supposed to ask for more?


  1. Hi....'thinking of you and praying for you, Tashi & Wash, as the eight days of Hanukkah began last night at sundown.

    Happy Hanukkah, and may you enjoy some quiet joy during this Festival of Lights!!

  2. When Wash is cruel it is not Him. It is the brain cancer. Just keep saying that. Believe it.