Wednesday, September 8, 2010


At least I got almost 7 hours of sleep last night...

Chemo week has hit.

Today, here is my "fun";

*Take Wash to dr appointment. This requires getting him up, out of bed, showered, dressed, into the car, and up into dr office.
*Grocery shopping- need food! Least for him.
*Have to cook matzoh ball soup for dinner
*Meet up with a friend who has some stuff for us
*Possible bank run
*Driving out of my way to Southwest Laveen to see/yell at my brother. Funny how every time he moves more than 15 miles away we are always required to come to him, yet when he lived 15 mins away from me before, I still had to go see him. I can tell how much/little he values me or my time. Or Wash's...
(rant about "help" another time)
*Drive into Mesa to grab/store some things for a friend who is moving this week
*Drive to North central Phx for Rosh Hashshonna dinner.
*Monitor Wash through this
*In a car with no air conditioning
*Make several follow up phone calls

I so already want a nap.

Hey, are you on the Facebook? (Not into arguments over its usefulness as a tool, but I do long and miss the days it was for college students and alumni only. Le sigh)
Then check out the awesome fan page Wash's Frat set up for him!
It's called the Paper Crane Project

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