Friday, September 10, 2010


I was asked a few days ago about the History of why I call Kevin "Wash".

Back when we first went out the first movie we saw together was "Serenity". This was back in 08 and we were/are huge Joss fans, so it made sense to spend our date on the couch enjoying something.
Over the next few weeks as we talked and dated we went through and watched the whole season of Firefly. Between the two of us we have 2 copies of Firefly and at least 3 of Serenity.
I also own all of Buffy TVS so we made use of that as well. It was one of those instant we can talk about the characters and morals for hours relationships.

I knew Can't Stop The Serenity day was coming up, and Kevin had at the start of summer asked that if we were still seeing each other at the end would I go to the screening with him?
He had no idea, but for 3 weeks in June I was working and knitting.... completing my very first project ever. He gave me motivation. I knit him a Jayne cap. It was literally one of the best gifts I have ever given, and I cannot forget his smile when he got it. Something like the photo here.

It was so hard to decide who to go as for the showing. There was really no question that we'd be dressing up / going as the characters, but which?
We ended up trying to do something a bit creative; I dressed as River- the flowy dress, loose hair, kickass boots, crazy eye...
Kevin put on his best suit and borrowed a pair of blue nitrile gloves from me.
Two by two.... hands of blue....

I wouldn't say our love of Joss Whedon and his works is what brought us together, but I will say it has created a bonding point so powerful that I can know with absolute certainty that if he is having a bad day, I can put on Dr Horrible's Sing A Long Blog, Once More With Feeling, Serenity... and he will be smiling with me by the end.

The real story behind Wash? Who's the character with the biggest heart? Some might argue Kaylee on that crew, but my guy is the same wonderful type of man, has the character that he will still sneak off to go take on the danger because he cares about me. He protects, and loves, and keeps everyone together. He can tame me, and shows me the good side of humans.
He made this video after we got engaged and right before we moved in together.
He can find the humor in anything.

My Wash says, "Gorram Tashi! I thought you'd seen the movie! His script ends on page 87! My script is shorter than everyone else's now too! Guys? Page 87!"

We also are the really fancouple types that his beautiful huge 3'x4' cast autographed Serenity poster is in our bedroom. Sadly I don't have the proper frame for it, but he loves it and loves to tell the story of how he won the poster from right under Harlon Ellison at the con a few years back.

That's why he's my Washburne.


  1. Awww! What a sweet story. He is a good man.

  2. Kaylee had a loving, generous heart but had not seen life. Wash had a loving, generous heart and had seen life. Advantage Wash, and a high compliment indeed for your Wash.