Monday, September 13, 2010


Quick poll here;

For those of you in long term relationships - married, SO, BF/GF- do you still hold hands? If so, are there specific times?
Do you still cuddle together?
Do you share a bed/bedroom?

Do you remember everyday that it might be the last time you have with your loved one?
Do you treat them like it is their last day?

Just some curious questions.


  1. Yes to holding hands and cuddling. We share a bed one night a week and for a few hours on the days where I sleep in late or he gets home from work early (I work days, him nights). I do remember that he or I could be gone at any time. I was made a lot more conscious of this after losing my dad to a drunk driver. I try not to let my fear of losing him overwhelm me, but it is my worst fear and source of a lot of my anxiety.
    Sending you love Tashi.

  2. Sometimes hold hands, with no real pattern to it.
    Yes, still cuddle.
    Yes, share a bed (but not a bathroom).
    I will try to do better about the last two.

  3. I am single but have a very close relationship with my dog, does that count? As he is now my service dog I'm even more dependent on him, and I worry all the time that something might happen to him, or he might get sick, or .. . well, big dogs only get to be with us for so long, really. I got him only a few weeks after we lost my sister and from the moment I got him I have been obsessed with doing everything I can to keep him healthy and happy for as long as I can . . . . and I can't bear the thought of life without him. Sometimes he lets me hold his hand, too! :-P

  4. hand holding- at random, but it's always awkward because of our height difference, so more normally it's finger holding.

    Cuddles- anytime we're watching tv and there's not a guitar or lap top in the way

    We share a cozy full size bed. For 6 months a long time ago we shared a twin, and since then it seems very comfy and easy to share a full.

    The last two are tough, especially when we have to deal with the mundane every day stuff "you wash the dishes, no you do it!" But it's something to think about :)


  5. I don't, well not enough anyway. Holding hands is nice any time though.

    Thanks for the reminder.