Saturday, March 13, 2010


Tomorrow we have our First year wedding anniversary.

I can only cry that we make this milestone.
April- May of last year was the start of something being 'off'.
June-July of last year I was putting up silently with a monster.
August-Sept of last year I was crying at the thought of getting divorced before the first year.
October1- 25th of last year I was at the point of leaving the abuse.
October 26th of last year was my 23 birthday. It was the day I found out my husband had been taken over by a tumor, and he could die and may die from it.
October 29th of last year his surgeries were all complete. 99% resection of frontal 8cm cancerous brain tumor. When he woke that day I got my - my husband back.

He made it through November with me. We fought the cancer with chemo and radiation in Dec and Jan. He was clean in Feb.

It's March 13th.

Tomorrow we make it the year.

I want more. I want more days, more weeks, more months, more years with him.
I just got him back.
But he did come back. For me.

Thank you G-d, for giving my husband back to me. Please let me keep him now.

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