Monday, March 1, 2010


Know why my husband is the best?

We're getting tickets to the Live gLee! concert when it comes to town in May.
I love that man.

I'm horrifically anxious this week. Crap.

I was scheduled to go in for ~6 hours of work today- made it to about 4 then asked my boss for early off; clocked out after 5 hours.
Prolly going to work 4 hours over a 6 hour shift down there this week (yes, I clock out). I'm just so exhausted- Wash says it's good and it means I'm healing. I still can't fully bend and such, but I am getting more mobile and slowly being able to get around on my own and without my cane.

I had my therapy session moved to Wed afternoon; there's a lot to fill my guy in on.

I'm waiting for Wash to get his strength back from his chemo round last week. Even after one year of marriage and two (ish) together I still find him damn attractive to me, hella sexy, and there's really not a day that goes by without me groping him in some way. Of course I love his brain and his personality, but I like to really let him know that I still find him wonderfully attractive.

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