Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Been busy as all today writing letters, making calls, doing work, getting the office ready for billing etc.
Always so much to do. Wash came with me to do a quick bit of grocery shopping on the way home.

I still have like 10 pages to fill out on his SS/Disability forms and mail those off. I've got bills to organize and pay soon. Taxes to get done.
Always so much.

Laundry hopefully tomorrow. I can now lift about 20 lbs, but more than that kills me. Also, still can't bend down directly forward. Sigh. I have not shaved my legs since Jan 29th or so. Wash says he doesn't mind [I wear stockings and he just promptly shuts up. Works great] but I do. It's almost summer here in Hell, Az. Gets hot!

Sitting comfortably at lower 130's on my weight. Getting my muscles back though, slowly. I hate recovering from surgery. It really sucks. I kinda understand why he was complaining so damn much last fall. It's horrid to not feel yourself, and not be able to do the things you know you were able to do.

We had an angel stop by last night; one of our now mutual friends came by in between teaching classes to drop off some dinner for us. Just said, "Hey, I'm coming by with dinner. I'll call if you don't or can't answer I'll just leave it at the door."
So we got dinner. And I gave her some fresh mint leaves from my garden before she dashed off.
One less thing to think and /or worry about. It's always a relief.

Got my friend's book in the post today too. She's got the new Chelsea Handler book autographed and lovingly loaned it to me. Hopefully it will make me laugh some; that's become more a rarity. We did finally see a 'new' movie the other night- The Informant. It was really quite hilarious. It was nice to just snuggle up to him and laugh.
We both loved Joel McHale. He stole my heart.

So, also Wash and I had some long talks. This might get even busier for me; We / I reached out and started yelling for help. Asking wasn't working. Now, have to get 'teh internets' to yell for us.
He doesn't want ANYONE who is sick to have to go through what he did. To have to fight to stay poor and broke to keep insurance. To be told you make $4.25 too much to qualify for insurance, so you have to pay $600,000.00 a year in medical costs on your own. Have fun. To get back on the insurance rolls only to have to fight to get your medicine On Time or even the medicine your doctor wants to give you. To approve the lifesaving treatment you need- in writing AHEAD of your emergency. To be denied the lab at the hospital you are at to do your blood work and have to travel across town to a different city for daily or weekly blood draws? To be asked to 'float' $10,000.00 of your own 'spare change' for lifesaving and needed chemotherapy and hope like hell they actually pay you back.
He doesn't want to keep doing that. He doesn't want anyone to suffer that.

So, I'm yelling to make this change. I'll do it for him.

He's worth everything to me. He's priceless. Can't put a price on his love for me, or even what a day more of him living, breathing next to me means. Incalculable.

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