Friday, January 15, 2010

Last Name

Last night was all kinds of wonderful.
Just him and me, spending time together, enjoying being around him and having fun. Last night, just for a night we beat the Cancer. It didn't come into play, it was forgotton- banished from our time together.

I think we are gonna have to start doing this once a week or so.
I've also been having worse night terrors lately, but oddly sleeping more hours- say 7 instead of my normal 4 per night.
I wake up next to him and everything is ok. He was wheezing in his sleep last night- I wonder if that's a chemo side effect?
He hasn't been feeling as nauseated lately though which is wonderful. However, since he's been off the steroids for a few days now his appetite is slowing down. He is still eating a bunch of small meals / snacks in the day but instead of cleaning his plate as it were, there's always some left over now. I'm a bit worried- need to watch his weight more.

Today is the 3rd day to go in Radiation. Then, he has almost a whole month to just rest and recover.
I'm working as much as I can and am trying hard to save up so I can take him up to Sedona for a weekend. Just us, the good air and red rocks no poison for his body. I want to make that happen.
His parents will be back in town in a few days for his "Discharge Dr Day" next Tues when we get his orders on what to do next after finishing treatment.
This round. See, with GBM it's a "when" it comes back, when a new tumour grows- not an if.

I am going to live with him as best I can, as happily as I can. I deserve that for myself as well- and he does too.

My father-in-law redid our backyard this week while he was here- it's fricking gorgeous now. I'm going to be planting more mint I bought this week in the garden- still no freeze, and I harvested carrotts, tomatoes, and a bell pepper yesterday. There are a bunch of spicy peppers that are red/ purple and should be ready to pick in the next few days as well. Wash is also planning on talking to his dad to build a higher level addition to the garden [maybe as my anniversary gift for this year? I see a theme going] so I can do corn again this summer, and squash and pumpkins and potatoes- things that need deeper soil.

Today WILL be a good day.

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