Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the Good

I don't think my day got better yesterday until I saw Wash in the pm.
BUT.... I was able to get to 6 things as opposed to only finding 3.

1. WASH IS DRIVING AGAIN!!!!! Dr's gave him the all clear and he felt comfortable yesterday doing it, and I think he's taking the car again today.

2. I slept a full 8 hours. Blessings.

3. We got our notification from SSI at last saying they now believe that Wash is disabled and dying so we should start to get regular funds in March! Huzzah!

4. Volunteering pays off. I put a call into my city councilman's office who I helped to campaign for and now the city is putting us on programs to get our utilities paid and half our rent each month too. Blessings.

5. I had a 10 minute long conversation with my mother yesterday that was PLEASANT. No fighting, she called, and just listened to me. Wonderful.

6. It's currently raining again. This isn't from yesterday but it still makes me happy.

7. Wash ate a whole half pizza by himself and slept through the whole night no nausea!!! That deserves a fracking happy dance.

I am going to go give a prayer of Thanks now. Because I can at least for now see the things to be happy to live for.

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