Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forest? Trees? Kettle? Pot?

There is so much to get out, to write, to say.
Can't do it all in one go.

Right now, I am most angry that the family and friends we need MOST right now - they are all fighting with me, or him and me or infighting right now.
Why? Because they all know the best care for Wash.

.... except for something.
No one has asked my husband what he wants. How he wants the rest of his life to go. Where he wants to live. With whom. Doing or not doing as he pleases.
Wait, they did ask once. And then promptly ignored his answer and tried to impose their own will over him.

Funny.... the way I see it Wash's opinion is the only one that matters. He is the terminal cancer patient- not the other way around.

When I married my husband I swore to love, honour, and respect him. Even if I don't like how he wants to spend his last days, it is his fucking decision not up to anyone else.
And his medical care? How many times he goes through treatment?
Well that's up to him too.

Wash is still a person- a living human being who deserves to have his voice listened to and his wishes respected.
Goddamn. I wish some people in their 30s/50s/60s would do well to grow the fuck up.

This is beyond wrong.

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