Monday, December 14, 2009


So we did a total
Over $11.000 a month. About $388 a day just in pills to keep Wash alive. Not counting the price of his Radiation either.

I heard / figured out that he's getting me / got me me a wedding band this weekend. I'm excited. He won't tell me anything. By the time we eloped we had paid off the engagement bands and his wedding band, but never found one for me. However, I really never cared until this whole thing went down but now I do.
I feel the need to rush so much of life.

His hair started to really thin and fall out too. Mostly on top for right now, but we will see how much it spreads. We are taking a few nice photos with him with hair for his grandmum then he says he's ready to shave it off this week. He doesn't like the patchy look. I can't blame or begrudge him any of it.

My best female friend is in town visiting-Eva. As you may [may not] recall she's the one that really got myself and Wash together as a couple. Wash says he owes he a big one. I smile at that and agree. It's nice to have her back, and really have some time this week to catch up on the last two years that we've been apart. I'm quite excited and happy. Plus we got to pump up the airbed in the guest room and try it out. If it works I'm gonna get a bigger one at some point to use for camping.

Family Hannukah stuff is at the end of the week. Wash has learned the Hebrew prayer all by himself. He's been practicing and it's such a nice sentiment. Just like when we put up the tree, it's this intense feeling of "Family/ Love" when we make our own traditions. I adore it.

He had a bad night last night. Tossed til after midnight, up at 2 am for an hour almost sick. It's almost 7 now and he's been sleeping well for a bit now. I'm glad. I worry so much about him. It's constant pain and worry. I dissociate. Some days I don't know how to cope, others I am strong for him.

Do I make pancakes or sweet Scots oatmeal for everyone this breakfast?

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