Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last saw you laughing

So, over the past year on my lunch hour I usually take a walk around my complex then head off to the park across the canal to walk.
During the spring and summer and some fall days Wash would meet me and we'd walk together on lunch.

There's a really nice older gentleman who owns a metal work shop nearby. I wave and say Hi on my walks. He knew Wash too.
Stopped me as I was coming back today, asked me where my handsome escort was?

So I told him. About the cancer and everything. And he just listened. Nodded a bit. Said, "Do the best you can, that's all you can ask of yourself."

It's crazy. Sometimes I just want the normalcy back, the regular schedule. My schedule, where I know and control things. You can't control cancer. And that's what I can't ever forget. You can't control cancer.

It's been 7 days, a full week now since he last vomited. I take from it that my cooking is helping and we finally have his meds down as best as we are going to get. He's best and most active mid morning then just declines til dinner, then some energy to around 11pm or so. 

Also, why is there no "Kama Sutra; for Cancer patients" ? Damn man, capitalize. I'll have to make one I guess. Do they think sick people don't want sex? Or that chemo robs one of the sex drive? Cause it doesn't... 

Back to work now. Going to try and get his chemo meds for the next week today. Stupid insurance and a mix up last week has meant this is damn hard to just get his "poison pills". 

Just do my best.

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