Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let it Snow

Good things.

Two of my closest friends [and our witnesses on our marriage doc] got engaged yesterday.
I've known him since 2002 and her since 04. They've been dating mostly since 04 and moved in together last year.
I'm thrilled. It's good news always to have more love in the world.

Lessee, what else?
Wash got himself a new DS Lite game system. It's damn fun. I'm actually thinking of getting one myself- then we can play together too.
He never really got into my PS2 system. However, his little brother got me some new PS games. Fun. I appreciate the effort they make to try and help me have an outlet and relax.
Cause, I'm really not doing that much anymore.
His parents got me Season 1.0 /1.5 of BSG plus the Miniseries on DVD. They rock. And know me/ us. Which is even cooler I think.

I spent most of my time yesterday at the "family" xmas crying while everyone opened gifts. I left - Wash stayed- and I just drove. Made it almost 100 miles closer to Cali. I came back though.

Got a card from my step-dad. Said "Don't fuck over family."

Best thing though? Aside from the wonderful time I did have with Wash yesterday, he got me something wonderful.
A wedding band. It's Ti and polished, slightly curving and rounded, and matches my engagement ring so nicely.
It's the ring I would have chosen myself really. Which makes it so much more wonderful that he found it and got it for me without my input.
I think though, it's the engraving that I most cherish.
"As You Wish"

I will hold onto that when I get scared of our future- the one where I look after a husband who cannot remember who I am anymore.
That part is only a matter of "when" now, not if.
But I have this. I have my memories of our love, and who he really was. Something physical to hold onto.

Please let me have another Christmas with him.

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