Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Wash

Today I Vote in my 3rd Presidential Election.

Today, I Vote to keep President Obama in office.

Today, I am Voting for my Rights as a woman to control my own body. Even as a Widow.

Today, I am Voting for my friends' and families' Right to marry who they love, serve in the Military, Adopt children they love.

Today, I am Voting to change the way we actually enforce laws in Arizona, and to change the Administration that lets over 400 women and children not have rape kits processed/not prosecute rapists.

Today, I am Voting to change the Representatives in Arizona away from the White, Rich, Males which have held seats for decades.
Today, I happily Vote for Sinema, because she was one of the FEW people back in 2010 who saw Wash as a person, who was sick and needed help, and not just a number or dollar sign with what he will cost the State.

Most importantly, I am Voting today because my husband cannot.
My husband died before the election.

Because of the Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare") I can for the first time see a future in America where other people will NOT have to suffer through fighting for their life AND their health insurance.
I am voting because at 26 with pre-existing conditions, the ACA might save my life in the next few years.

If you personally disagree, that is fine, that is the joy of America; we are allowed to disagree! We can disagree on something, and even still be friends! Trust me.
But, I simply ask this; for those who are eligible to Vote, please do so.
You cannot complain if you do not take part in the process.


I Voted.
Number 209 at my precinct.
No disenfranchisement (per se) but several students had to accept Provisional Ballots.
Arizona has some frakked up Voter ID laws, which to me, make up a "literacy test" and put the 60,000+ students who live in the Tempe area for school in a rather odd place; they have to have "proof" of address, which for many new 18 year old students is mandated to live on campus. Most do not have the two or three forms of Government ID with current/correct address on them.


  1. I was #209 at my polling place, too! In Madison, WI, no voter ID in effect yet but it is coming -- the University here will provide legit. voter id's to those who need it, I hope the U in Tempe does as well.

    1. Sadly, AZ enacted some really strict voter ID laws back in 2003/04 (around then.).
      Student ID (like from ASU) is not accepted.

      It's pretty harsh.


  2. Congratulations for not electing a total mor(m)on (sorry, had to do this) into the Office. I hope Obama manages to finish what he started and that good people like you, Tashi, can finally look into a better future where they don't have to be afraid to get sick.

    Lots of best wishes from Germany