Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winding Timepieces

No new word. So last I heard my mum was somewhere in Tokyo (or thereabouts) and my brother was stuck by/near his home unable to use the roads to travel and get her.
Doing my best to stay calm and remind myself my mum doesn't have a mobile phone and electricity/landlines are still down... but I'm still quite worried. I guess she will have some amazing stories to tell when she comes back Stateside.

Wash managed to upload our SteamCon pics at last! (time for a new SD card) So I shall place a few of them here now and pop up the rest with an article later on.

[These are from Sat/Sun at Old Tucson Studios for the WWSteamCon 2011]


  1. You're totally wearing my VIP necklace! AWESOMESAUCE! LoL!

  2. Tashi, these are all really *neat* pictures of you & Wash----I just love the design and fabric colors/patterns of your dress, too, by the way!! The Old Tucson Studios must've been a GREAT place to have a SteamCon............ what a genuinely interesting place FOR you & Wash to enjoy a little (richly-deserved!) Mini-Vacation together!!