Monday, March 14, 2011

Waking up to a Smile

So far today has begun well. Wash is almost awake- he keeps rolling back under the covers so at some point he will come out.
The kitties slept with us last night and continue to be fur covered fun balls.

My (step) dad heard from my mum again around 1am our time; she has met with our friends in Tokyo and is staying with them for a while. Apparently she got to go stand in a bread line for the first time yesterday! In a few days when the roads are cleared my bro will head out and go pick her up. He and his family (South of Tokyo) are doing fine/ok.

Today is a good day to think on memories, make new ones, and just be.


  1. Ah, to just be! I think you've absolutely nailed it. It's interesting, Tashi, since I started reading your blog, and combined with other learning and thinking that's been settling into my mind more and more, I'm finding myself pausing throughout my days at semi-random intervals and checking in with myself: "Am I enjoying life right now? Am I finding peace in the moment, vs. discarding the present moment for the promise of peace in the future?"

    And that's not to say I'm not caring about the future, but moreso that I'm putting an increased focus on finding peace and happiness in the present moment.

    Two years ago, a dear friend of mine was killed suddenly in a tragic auto accident on her way home from work. She was 50 and her life had really come together. She had found her niche and was looking forward to retiring from her day job and teaching praire basket making, an art form she had recently and fully embraced, full-time. Three powerful words from her husband, in a thank you card sent to me after the services, continue to sound loudly in my mind: Live Life Now!!

  2. Tashi, in your first (posted) *sunlit picture* from 2 years ago, there beautiful you are, beaming, with flowers in your hair and "sparkles" on your lovely dress............ and, Wash, there you are, too, oh-so-handsome and debonair, with your clearly-mischievous grin; your *great* tie; (and your kilt, out of view!)

    Surely the author (Below) was thinking of *you two*, when he wrote this!:

    "To love and be loved is to feel the SUN from both sides." -- David Viscott

    On this, the afternoon of your 2nd Wedding Anniversary, May You Both Feel "The Sun Of Your Love" From Both Sides!

    Rosanna and Jack

  3. Happy anniversary, darling one!