Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drained and pickled

Wash is starting to feel better, thank you to everyone who's been asking. His appetite/metabolism have been off (probably due to the long term chemo effects) but he is trying to get better.
I am literally having to place food in front of him and entice him to eat. I hate that.

Welcome to March- in two weeks I will be celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary and wondering if my husband will be dead before we see number 3?

I've had some good personal news though, despite my inability to travel to the conference/symposium in PA, I am still able to submit my paper and have a grad student present it for me. I am beyond happy at this, for the first time in some years I have a little slice of education and learning and I thrive in it.

We're going to the Wild West SteamCon with some friends this weekend- they pretty much set the whole thing up and wouldn't take "no" for an answer from us. I'm glad. Wash is so excited and it will be a good test run to see how he takes some travel. I myself am really just looking forward to meeting Cherie Priest and getting her to sign my books. Honestly Wash has been to many more Cons' than I. The Aspie part of me is scared shitless for this weekend- the people, noise, distractions... it scares me.

A lot scares me these days, most especially my state and the constant attack it has to kill my husband- you know the good tax paying citizen, never arrested or ticketed, worked and was in college.... and got brain cancer. How dare he be poor AND sick AND young? This state demands as soon as you are born (and they can check your birth certificate) you pull yourself up by your own umbilical cord, if you are born poor or sick, it's your own damn fault! Die in a different state!
Oh Dear Readers, I have actually been told by an Arizona DES official that we should move so the State wouldn't have to pay for Wash's care. "If it was need based then everyone would want coverage!"
Oh yes, can't have that eh? Healthcare for every human? No... that pushes us all together and for some it is too scary to realize that every human should have the same basic rights, including the right to have medical care with or without funds.

I wonder, is there anyone else out there who has had the first two years of their marriage go like mine? Or are we just really alone?


  1. Tashi it is truly disgusting what is happening with your husband's medical coverage (or lack thereof). I'm so sorry. I wish I knew how to do something to make it all this just a little less miserable for you and Wash.

  2. I don't know anybody who's had the same experience as you have, but you are not alone. Not now, not ever.

    Mama Jo says so, and what Mama Jo says, goes.

  3. Mary Rose Wilcox, find her at her restaurant or wait in the parking garage where the supervisors meet.. Tell her your story and she will help you. That's my psychic ping on this. I could be wrong, but I feel strongly that she is the key.