Monday, October 4, 2010

Talk is cheap

Gorram you guys.
I have 6 of Wash's 9 chemo prescriptions picked up today. So far that's $4200 and change.
His new anti-emetic (the old one stopped working) costs $54 per pill.
And I get 2 pills (one day supply) at a time.

As if I had so much free time on chemo week to be able to visit the pharmacy for at least 6 days to pick up pills.

$54 a pill! That's to make sure he keeps down the $320/pill chemo meds he takes.

Nope, no issue at ALL with Healthcare costs. (I am not referring to the R&D costs or the Generic/Name brand issues. That's another rant)

Quick survey- who here in the 22-29 age range has set aside $5000/month for Cancer related costs?
Ya know one year ago I didn't think I had to.

I actually had to say this today- "No honey we can't buy you cereal today. We don't get food stamps for two more days and I have to get your chemo meds today."

Is it disturbing that as an American I have to choose to feed my dying husband the food that helps him and keeps him happy and not sick, or put off getting his other medicine that keeps him from getting sick and dying?
I kinda think it is.

His age really frakked him over. And of course, getting a really rare and fatal type of cancer.

Dying of brain cancer is just so gorram unfair at 26, having to do it from well below poverty too... I thought we were a First World Country?
Where is his Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Property?
They've all been taken away.

I hate it so much. I wish I could do more for him. I wish I had more to do more for him. But I'm young too, and option less right now.


  1. :(. Are you the only one who can pick up the pills? Or can some of us be pill couriers for the week. I know I wouldn't mind stopping by walgreens once or twice this week on the way to school for you guys.


  2. Have you tried something like this?

    Might be worth a look to see if there's discounts for Kevin's meds that are greater than the cost of membership.