Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Story Time, friends.

Back around Feb 2008 or so, my wonderful friend E. spent almost two straight months trying to introduce me to a guy. April comes around and I do meet him- and immediately assume he is not single.
A week later, she began to bug me- 'What do you think of him??'
After I learned he was in fact, free to date, I agreed on a dinner with him.

We had one date at the end of May 2008. Our dinner lasted 4 hours. We spent another two talking after that, and ended up falling asleep on his couch watching "Serenity".
I waited a full week before agreeing to another date.

We then proceeded to see each other almost every day throughout June and into July.
We decided to take a visit to IKEA at the end of July. He loved architecture, I always need bookshelves. We were holding hands, just enjoying each other's company.
It was then I spotted it- a gorgeous recessed sink on a small stand. I must have said something or made a 'WANT' sound, because he was asking me about it- where would I want it, the functionality, and more.
He said it would be good in OUR bathroom.
I replied I was not planning on living with anyone but my future spouse.
He said he knew that. He still thought it would look nice in our space.

We both held silence for a half minute. I recall I was the one who broke the silence with a pointed question," Wash , did we just get engaged at the IKEA?!"

Why, yes, yes we did. There was an official proposal a couple of weeks later, but our engagement began after about 6 or 7 weeks of dating. The "official" proposal was at our favourite Diner, and though he got to embarrass me there, as he had asked for an engagement ring himself, I got to get down on my knee as well before I placed the ring on his finger.

I honestly think I knew though, that first night, on our first proper date.
That man would be in my life for as long as I lived. He would be my husband, or my best friend, or both, but my life would not be complete without him.

That, my friends, is the start of my love story with Wash.

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