Friday, February 14, 2014


Today is Aelphaba's 9th Birth(whelping)day.

With Wash gone, she is probably my Best Friend.

The last decade has been much better for me with her in it.


  1. Didn't you have two cats? I seem to remember two names at one time. Or is it my imagination?

  2. Tashi, my ten year old kitty died the same day in Dec that Nelson Mandela died. It was a very sad week here. New year's eve brought a new calico/torti to me. She's just a year old next month and has filled that empty spot very well. She's rowdy and energetic and lovable. Under the window shade to see out at seven in the morning !~! Hopping into the tub and asking for the water to drip so she can play in it - kooky cat. I have a small blog and the pics are cute-you might get a smile out of the baby and the kitty and my humble abode. (

    I hope you are soon put to rights and can once more be an active, contributing part of your team at work.

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