Wednesday, March 12, 2014


5 years ago today I was packing for our Vegas wedding and sitting in my living room with my intended, three witnesses, and our officiant going over our wedding paperwork.

My heart hurts not for love I have lost, but pain BECAUSE I have loved with all of my being. I gave myself to him, and he to me.

It was the hardest, most joyous, and deepest gift I could ever have given. 
It was worth the pain I feel now, for even the memories of the soul we shared.

I will share one more thing- the first book Wash ever loaned to me was his precious copy of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos".
Owning a copy myself, it was the gesture rather than the book itself that lent meaning.
He told me from the start, We are ALL made of stardust...


  1. Stardust-my best friend died in 2009 and had told me that she wanted to be part of the eternal matter of space with me one day. I hope to find her out there when I die. Maybe she's having coffee with Wash and my sister....

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