Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wash's Words: the e-files

Trying to make myself feel better or distracted from the disturbing trigger I had this morning which sent me into a PTSD spiral of fear and paranoia.

Here is a little taste of what the Wash I knew and fell in love with (before his cancer) was like.

May 29th, 2008

10:03 PM Kevin: BSG re-imagining, so much better than the original.
10:07 PM me: bsg?
  corry, comp slow
 Kevin: It's fine. Battlestar Galactica. Hipper, darker, edgier, deeper, so much cooler.
10:08 PM me: ah never seen it
10:09 PM Kevin: You might like it... I think I have the first couple seasons lying around here. Though everyone I know is just waiting for the DVD of the last couple seasons.
10:10 PM me: don't know if i have time to add another series to my attention, but maybe an episode or two
  whats it about
10:11 PM Kevin: The last people of mankind struggling to survive while hunted by their former creations.
10:12 PM me: robots or clones or aliens?
10:15 PM Kevin: Robots... r at least they used to be.
10:16 PM There's a miniseries premiere that kinda explains it.
  And then the rest of the series raises questions about it the whole way through.
10:18 PM me: ah
10:19 PM Kevin: Plus a huge amount of interesting questions about humanity, what it means to be so, what it takes to get to there, are people with our motivations actually human....
  It's a very rich tapestry filled with iron and allegory. Rare to find in television.
10:22 PM me: hmm'
  what network was it on>
10:23 PM Kevin: SciFi
 me: mmmm
 Kevin: Might be a reason why you woldn't have watched it.
 me: prolly
  i get the good movies and mini series on dvd
10:24 PM Kevin: It's one of the best series to own... like ever.
 me: haha
  you sound like me and firefly or robin hood
10:25 PM [have to include coupling and buffy since i own the complete series of those too]

6 June 2008
                    Kevin: That you're wierd. Not the standard, not conforming. You're wonderfully                 unique, and I've never met anyone like you. Doubt I ever will.
1:18 AM me: Damn. That's like, the nicest thing I've heard all week.
 Kevin: Well, I'll endeavour to best it before the week is out.
 me: i'm telling you, i don't know how to take compliments. it still weirds me out.
1:19 AM oh gads man. i'm perfectly happy not having an ego. you don't need to help me develop it :)
 Kevin: Who said anything about ego. It's just pure, objective truth.
1:20 AM And I'm really glad to have you around. Grinning Ear-to-ear happy.
1:21 AM me: but it's a truth i cannot see, so it's hard to accept. like, an abstract concept- infinity for example
  i've been singing a lot more at work.
1:22 AM My being around makes you that happy? Hmmm.
 Kevin: "You're not angry with me are you? You always say 'apparently' when you're really angry"
 me: You do have a nice smile, must admit
  ............ *facepalm
  i really do say that a LOT
1:23 AM my aunt nicknamed me as a kid, Miss "Apparently"
 Kevin: And thanks, Love! :D Yup, ear to ear again.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2:07 AM
Kevin: I really enjoy making you happy. I've always held back until the right woman comes along. Doesn't happen often, and when it does, it's something extraordinary.
Like now. With you.

1st July 2008

 Kevin: That I find a lot of fun, due in no small part to it being with you.
10:25 PM me: haha
  you as well
 Kevin: I Love you.
 me: i love you
10:26 PM Kevin: It's never been like this with anyone else.
  And I like it a lot.
10:27 PM me: good
  just enjoy it then
10:28 PM Kevin: That's my plan. And I cherish it so.

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