Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Unexpected Journey

Yesterday was a pretty awful day.
Last night was filled with dreams and emotions; re-living the terrifying moments of last year.

This morning I wake up to be reminded of how much I am loved and cared for; because my beloved friends are sending me to EMERALD CITY 'CON 2013!

Seattle! 3 days of Geeks & Nerds; Artists & Authors. Friends!

I am in happy, happy shock.

I will have to post the video; my gift was inside another gift; an interactive story book.

MB, KB, LL, NM <3 are="are" p="p" wonderful.="wonderful." you="you">

So many people I admire will be there. So many creations I have grown up with, adore, aspire to.

I am still not certain how to take Wash, because he does have to come with me somehow, but he will be there too. It's just not a 'Con without Wash there.

Seattle: 2 months and I will be in you!

I am in shock.


  1. How very cool! What nice friends to do this. Have a great time!!

  2. Perhaps there is a locket or a necklace out there that catches your geeky fancy. You could place a bit of his ashes inside of there and wear it. Of course, He will be there in spirit - His TARDIS follows you whereever.. the chameleon charm is just going to keep it hidden except for the rare opportunity when that perception filter wavers and you catch.. just a glimpse.

  3. A friend of mine lost her son after a long long illness. She and her daughter both wear a specially made locket/necklace that contains some of his ashes. Would you be open to something like that? Then he would always be with you, and not just in your heart and mind.

  4. I have heard of people getting the ashes of loved ones put into the ink for memorial tattoos. A locket is probably a much saner idea, of course, but a tattoo would mean that he would literally be a part of you forever. Despite the obvious part where he's already a part of you forever.