Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little While

So back to my internist yesterday for more asthma issues.

Got a different type of breathing/nebulizing treatment there and a (new!) inhaler (3 so far) to try on top of my oral corticosteroids.

I only woke up 3 times in the night last night with breathing troubles and it is easier for me today. It feels close to if I was wearing a boned corset for about 4-5 days straight. (I have maxed out at almost 24 hours once. Not that comfortable.) My posture was/has changed, my breathing rate, and according to my doc's my blood pressure has been effected by this too.

Need to relax, keep my muscles working, and not give myself a heart-attack.

So! Who wants to help me with my new stress of paying for all my emergency doc visits and new meds? Frakkin' insurance companies. Thankfully my PCP has loaded me up with samples for now, but gorram a 10 day dose of one of my inhalers is around $500!!!!! (That would be the new one of course)

Money troubles is for another day. Today we rest and rejoice over Passover and that I have finally gotten Wash to watch the 1996 Dr Who movie and meet the 7th (8th) Doctor.

Aside from that, still have mountains of laundry to do, loads of weeds to clear from the last storm out back, and a "Welcome Home" packet for two of my friends; one is coming back from teaching across the country the other is coming back after defending our country across the world.

; Pic is Wash doing his best to keep me smiling and not be so scared yesterday when I couldn't breathe.

Thank you as well to all you my Dear Readers who have sent me Good Well messages. I really do appreciate them so much. <3

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