Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad girl

Been quiet here you say?
Not quite.

I was very stupid this week and nearly put myself into the hospital or worse.

My asthma started to get out of control about 3 days ago. I decided to play my favourite heath game "Wait and see if it kills me". Wash was there for me from the beginning and tried to get me t0 see my doc early on. I said no.
So, it got so bad that I was barely breathing and my lungs were quite weak. My heart was stressed for at least two days from this as well. I could not even cough, my lungs were that tired.

Wash called and got my into my doc's ASAP. I was given several nebulizing treatments. And a shot in the ass. I kinda feel I totally deserve it. I know a lot of medical professionals read my blog and yes, I'm well aware how dangerous I let things get. I wish I knew how to really care more about my own health.
My wonderful doc gave me a fairly kind lecture on my asthma and how serious it is. I recall her words as being, "People die from asthma like this. If you let it go and get bad, sometimes that is how people go to sleep and they just cannot breathe and die. Next time you cannot wait, you need to call us or the Emergency."
I feel correctly reprimanded over this. Lesson hard learned.

I'm going back to bed rest, I will fill my Dear Readers in on our other adventures from this week.

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry you got so sick. Please do take care of yourself too!