Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs

Real quick; for 4/25 if anyone wants to get Wash (or maybe me too) this shirt that would be a lovely Easter/Anytime gift for him. I guess that's a good part of cancer; it's always an occasion for a gift, right?

Also, my love for Patton Oswalt has been long and hard. Wash and I listened to "Werewolves and Lolipops" on our Honeymoon trip....
He's in town/state. I would shit my pants if we could see him.
I know I have asked a lot of you my dear readers; even just to keep coming back and hearing our story. Perhaps the internet has some more kindness in it- some ability to connect humans to bring out the best of our humanity- and could get us tickets to his Mesa, AZ show. Hell, I'd drive us to Tucson to see him if needed.

As you wake Monday morning, perhaps you might be inspired to help give something meaningful and precious to us.
This blog is called "Learning to Hope" for a reason.
Cancer takes it all.

Hope is all we have left.

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