Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boxers or Briefs?

Mostly buoyed today by good news. Despite my night of pain and vomiting at 2am I felt ok enough to tackle the issues and chores of today.

Pharmacy trip. Grocery shopping. More shopping. More driving to grab things for the trip. Long and hot day for us both- though Wash stayed home for most of it and concentrated his work here. My mum has really been helpful and wonderful with this trip/honeymoon. She is really committed to doing what she can to help me and us relax. That takes a lot on everyone's end.

So far also having to fight with insurance on some stupid issues. I love our local Walgreens pharmacy though because they actually know us and do their best. So, they knew ahead of time we were planning on going away (I'm there every week) and when today the insurance threw a fit over paying for one of Wash's meds they did the best thing they could and got him a 10 day supply. Should be enough to last until it is cleared up; however heads up taxpayers of AZ, you just paid 3 times the amount for his meds than should be. Instead of taking one 60mg pill for 30 days AHCCCS would rather pay for him to take 3 (three) 20mg pills every day and having the script filled at full cost of the old one 3 times per month. I have no idea why this is deemed necessary.
Aside from that when one of my medications wasn't in stock they had it overnighted so it would be here this weekend before we left.
We're not numbers there. We're not even 'patients' really. I truly feel they see us as people and it is wonderful and feels validating on a human level.

Though there is still packing to do, trash to take out, the bed to make, catbox cleaned one last time, and bills set to be paid... most of the hard part of waiting is over. This will happen and I can hope with all I have learned to love what happens and not be scared of ... whatever irrational thing my brain comes up with.

It will be hard to leave my kitties. I haven't left Leto for more than two days so far and I've been gone from Aelphie 5 days as a max. When Wash was in the hospital all that time Aelphie actually got depressed.
I am hoping the cats/house sitters we have will alleviate some of that. That, and they have each other. It's just me to worry about and how I deal without my ... emotional outlet. I am thankful to have found that Aelphie is really one of the best things and ways I can calm down after or during an Aspie meltdown. She pretty much seems to know when it happens and just comes to me and sits or purrs or just looks at me and it helps.
A long week without her.

... Also a long week with no cat hair on everything, hissing, hairballs, litter smells, or a raspy tongue at 4:30am. I will just have to go with it and deal as everything comes up.

We also had another couple drop by to see us tonight before we left. Happily for me she brought the "babeh"; he is chubby and cute and an adorable healthy 2 month old. We held him and chatted for a while whilst Wash and her man J talked Warhammer 40K and movies. Starting to see why we like these guys? Being able to share and connect with people your own age is an amazing thing and really something I had mostly forgotten. They've only known Wash as he is, not like some friends who have had to see the changes from brain cancer. We end up having different conversations than some of our other friends who have known us years. Yet I find both types of friendship very affable to me, recalling that I do have facets and different things to talk on and hear about.

All being said, here is my optimism; it will be a wonderful time between us both - a gift for just us as soul mates.
We will see beautiful outdoors. Steam trains. Geological wonders and beauties. Red Rocks. Some of our favourite friends and tasty, warm pubs.
And I plan (99% probability) on us having a Jacuzzi tub in our cabin so that right there is heaven for me. I do realize that I cannot spend the entire week in the tub, nor will I, but having that option is just frakking amazing for me.
Oh and a dishwasher in our kitchen too.

I Hope for a week free from cancer reminders and problems. Where we can be what we are- a mid twenties couple that is on their first real Honeymoon/holiday away with just each other. For that week the world does not have to exist past the man I love.
I Hope that this week we both truly live.

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  1. Tashi, my husband Jack and I sincerely hope that you & Wash have an absolutely *wonderful* time on your first real Honeymoon/holiday away with just each other!!

    These "ABCs of Marriage" (Below) are normally for newlyweds, but you & Wash will be *like* newlyweds in this next precious and very special week!! In the last 2 years of your marriage, you & Wash have already done every-single-one-of these #26 things (Below); so now you'll just need to decide which ones you'd............ *most like to concentrate on*, during this coming week. (Hint: The letter "K" just might be a reeeeal good one to start with, haha!!) Have a great time on your trip!!

    The ABCs of Marriage
    (copyright, Inc.):

    A absolutely adore each other
    B be best friends
    C compromise
    D discover new things together
    E encourage each other
    F forgive and forget
    G gaze into each other's eyes
    H hold hands and hug a lot
    I inspire and intrigue each other
    J joke and laugh and have fun
    K Kiss Kiss Kiss
    L love with all your hearts
    M marvel at each other's talents
    N nurture each other's souls
    O overcome problems together
    P play games
    Q quiet each other's fears
    R remember the little things
    S say "I love you" every day
    T take time for tenderness
    U understand and care deeply
    V value everything you share
    W wish on stars together
    X (e)x-press your true feelings
    Y yearn for each other's touch
    Z ....zzzz in each other's arms