Thursday, August 26, 2010

Questions and Answers

Paypal should be up sometime tomorrow. With luck.

Sadly got the denial letter from AHCCCS for Wash's mental/physical rehab.
Because he fits medical criteria, but he's over 21 so they recommend a supplemental insurance cover it. Frak "Quality of Life" and all that.
I'm not getting angry about this until tomorrow. Again, I love how they always send the denials on a Thurs/Fri. Never got one earlier in the week.
Today was a good day, I will not hold wrath today.

Wash and I had a real good morning, got out in the outdoors, did some errands together, sang a bit. Was nice. Also got a harness for the kitten so we can start to outside/service train him. He seems to be taking to it ok.

Wash was laughing and smiling today. That counts as a win for me. He's also making me dinner tonight- woowoo. I feel special. :)
And since it takes a long time I'm very much anticipating it.

Also for anyone who wants to know what aside from Paypal to do for me?
*Are you local in AZ? Register and VOTE. That is the only way we will change the policy that is killing Wash
*Are you local to Phx/Tempe? Message me if you want to personally help with some day to day stuff
*Are you a social networker? Pass our story around to as many many many people as you can. The more who know the more who will want change. Imagine if it was you, and really it could always happen we just never want to think about the larger odds
*There is a post called "Our story links" you can find the info there.
*Call your local state reps and find out what their policy is on healthcare for the "in betweens". Tell them our story. Ask what they would do to prevent that from happening to their constituents. And if you don't like what you hear, VOTE.
*Gas cards. Aside from the medical costs gas is a huge drain and issue. Wash's hospital is in another city, granted neighbouring, but still it's about 30 ish miles round trip for one trip. He's there multiple times a week/month. And his other doctor appointments around town. If you'd consider this again, message me and I will let you know more details
*Postcards. Travel is really not an option for Wash anymore. Even if we could afford it he and I both know he has maybe one or two big trips- out of state- left in him. So postcards from anywhere would be wonderful to get and cheer him up.

Ok, I'm gonna go into the kitchen and try and sneak a snack.


  1. I was wondering earlier--if people help you out financially, is that going to screw up your health insurance? I remember when you got dropped for making too much money. Paypal will count as a gift or something, right, not income?

  2. That's why it's taking a bit to set up, we are doing it as a "Benefit for Tashi and Wash" type not a "Tashi and Wash's account for benefits".
    Does that make sense?

    But I do believe it is under a "gift" or "donation" category.

  3. Hi there, your friendly stalker here . . . how would one get a gas card or postcard to you currently? Do you have a P.O. box or can you send me your mailing address? Thanks!

  4. Has the PayPal been set up yet? If so, is there a link?