Monday, August 30, 2010

Paypal help

So we got a donation Paypal account set up with our friend; for legal reasons we cannot have one of our own. Wash will lose his medical insurance again if we do.

So, for anyone who wishes to help us monitarily I will post the link to Paypal below. If there are any issues, please leave me a comment, I do check them. If you prefer to donate a different way you can contact me on my email
hopeforwash (at) gmail

The Paypal is here

As I have requested before if you'd like to help us out and you are in a financial place to do so, we would be so grateful. I cannot meet our needs on a single SS payment and monthly food stamps. That will never cover even a portion of his medical bills. We also could use gas cards if you do not feel comfortable giving money; that is always needed to transport Wash to his hospital and doctor appointments.

He got a nice gift today though from therapy- he got to go Build A Bear (part of a coping therapy). He named the little guy Hoban and seems quite happy. I'm thankful.


  1. Nice hats! :) Did you post this on Jez? Sent a small donation; will do more after payday this week if I can.

  2. That is a friggin' awesome bear! And YAY for Paypal!

  3. I wanted to PM you but can't figure it out on Jez, so I'll just put it here: I posted a link to this on my blog and on Facebook, and I know a couple of people have re-blogged it on there, so hopefully that will help. I also sent an e-mail to Julie of A Little Pregnant and asked her to post about it; hopefully she will. She gets a lot of traffic and has done several fundraiser efforts for people.