Monday, July 26, 2010

Better day

So Wash and I had a little Mad Men watching party tonight. With costumes, pearls, friends, good appetizers, and an awesome new BINGO set for the 4th season. I'm happy to share the template if anyone wants it.
I painted my toenails today as well. The first time in months... maybe a year? It's been all about Wash, I've gone to the wayside.
I felt ... normal enough today to try. I picked some colours and just did it.
Was kind of nice.

Wash's parent's come into town this week for almost a week to see him/us for his birthday. We thought of some things to do, but I'm mostly at a loss. I don't go to work anymore so I will be seeing a lot of them too, or possible less of them and Wash and more alone/me time this week.

Leto gets bigger every day. The cutie.

I'm having issues with my family again though. I love them, but there is a great difference in me asking for help and their interpretation of "help" as "advice from someone who has never been in or understands my situation". Which is not really what I need right now. Telling me to "be more positive" around Wash and to just go and ask a favour of the relative who stole my $50,000 college fund from me.
But, that's crap and I am not thinking of crap today.

Still just thinking of how handsome my Wash looked tonight. My own better personality Don Draper.

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