Thursday, May 23, 2013

More To Come

Well, there are a few logistical issues to take care of, and a few scholarships to apply for, but it looks like with some help and luck, I'll be in Israel this summer for a college programme.
I am aiming for 6-8 credit hours to earn, and as my school is in the North part of the country, I also hope to be able to visit Jerusalem while I am there.

There is a lot I need to get done, and a lot of support I will need to get through this, but I am excited to be back in a learning environment. Learning and knowledge make me happy.

Thank you Friends, for all your support, prayers, wishes.
I'll have more information in a few days to share.


  1. That is wonderful! What a great opportunity!

  2. Great news., Tashi. I am so happy that you will have a change of scenery and perspective. May the doors that open to you during this time provide light for your future and allow you to look at your amazing past with soft eyes and a healing heart.