Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Laser Cat

One day down, just have to make it through today.

Wash did not get all his testing done yesterday. We arrived thankfully early for his appointment (paperwork! ) and the first problem arose; no record of his appointment.


They knew who he was, one gal even remembered seeing an email about him.

So we waited, and lo and behold, the very time we were supposed to have an appointment the doctor was free!
So we had a long visit, the doctor had already had a conference with Wash's neurologist about him and we were asked various questions and Wash had a few physical tests.
The specialist does not think he has epilepsy per se, but was concerned about some small seizure activity in his damaged frontal lobe- it seems to fit what Wash has been feeling.

So, tomorrow they want to admit Wash to the hospital for more tests. They want to take him and try to induce seizures in him. Now, rationally I understand the need for this test, and the information it will provide. Also, he will be in the hospital, so if he does have seizures, he is in the "best place" for it.
BUT, even knowing that, it is scary as hell for me to know they want to put him through that. I know he is scared and I am too. No one wants a seizure, and to have one if not more induced... not a pleasant thought.

Thankfully I am feeling better this week than I was last. I have more tests of my own this week, but I am a little more hopeful right now that I won't have to have my own surgery right now.

I have to rise above my own feelings and be strong for him for this.


  1. Finally got my Paypal to work. I hope what little I gave will help you. Love and prayers from Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. ****Thinking of, and praying for, both you & Wash today, as Wash undergoes his further testing in the hospital. I wish I could just be there with you, Tashi, while you wait during Wash's diagnostic testing, you know............ I will be there in spirit, though.****

    I'm also glad that you're feeling better this week (than last week); and I sure hope, too, that you won't have to have surgery.