Monday, November 7, 2011


I NEED some good news soon.

Life keeps dealing me far more shit than I can take. Too much bad news for both of us.

Time for some cheer, I just wish I knew where to find some.


  1. I have no advice or words, I know you're dealing with the unimaginable.

    But if you want cheer and total escapism, maybe check out the first season of Downton Abbey. It's on Netflix instant and Amazon Prime. It's actually rather fantastic. Maybe have some wine too.

    I hope you're ok.

  2. Tashi, maybe the same friends who were at your place for your recent Birthday/Halloween Party now could also, (i.e., since they live in the general area there), help you with the "Some Cheer" part, too.

    If ONLY our good thoughts/wishes/prayers could always change bad (medical) news *INTO* good (medical) news!! Sometimes, though, being/feeling genuinely "supported," O.N.E.-O.N.-O.N.E., can really make all the difference in the world; whereas the lack of support, as you know, can often simply be ............ devastating. (Don't ask me how I also know this, too!)

    So, maybe a discrete **WANTED: SOME CHEER!!** notification (somehow) TO your & Wash's very closest friends ............ or maybe your dear Hostess Mum could MORPH one of her "Taco Tuesdays" INTO a "Taco Saturday Night" over at your place, (with your friends bringing the side dishes/desserts) ............ or maybe you & Wash could have a "Friday Night At The (Rented) Movies" with just a couple of your friends at your place, popping popcorn and having Cokes, with everyone's WINDING DOWN from the week ............ would be among some options to consider.

    Anyway, I understand there very well may be legitimate feasibility problems with these few ideas of mine, (Above); but perhaps these ideas could bring you & Wash some needed *cheer* ............ while still also keeping both you & Wash SAFE and SECURE, too, you know.

  3. My heart goes out to you.. you've got to hold on, hold on, hold on for one more day...