Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I realize I haven't even posted the funny thing from last week; chemobrained.
So, since the weather has been warm and nice we've been hanging the clothes out back to dry. I came out to take down a load he had hung up to find nestled in with his socks was one of my flip flops.
Hanging from the clothesline.

He doesn't remember doing it. Then again, he often forgets short term memories, lately that's become the big problem.

He's cleaning up downstairs tonight, going through his Warhammer 40K boxes, and I keep hearing shouts of joy from him;
He doesn't remember packing them away from the summer and last move. He forgot all that he actually has to work with.
"It's like Christmas over and over!"
He also gets joy from seeing movies we watched last year; he doesn't remember many.
Makes it fun for me sometimes... I know what's going to happen and he doesn't remember the killer.

"Why is Altzheimers' so social and fun?
You meet plenty of new people every day!"

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