Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Wash had his 2nd interview with NBC and our local affiliate last night. Prolly more today

*I am sick (not like, gallbladder explodey sick) for the first time since Wash came home. It sucks. Flu or a really severe sinus infection. Mucous Girl! da daa da daaaaaa!

*As such sickness, I did not get my new row of carrots planted this weekend or any new flowers for the back. poop again.

*I've had no voice going on two days now. Really sucks, cause gLee! is on tonight.

*Working less/more at home now. Trying to transition down to (less)10 hours/week or working totally from home. Wash really has become a 30 hour a day job. I'm very afraid to leave him alone. His short term memory is just so bad he can't remember the stuff he needs to do to live; pills, eating right, showering, shaving, clean clothes etc. He can put together a huge model army still; but ask him a direct question or to do two separate things and his brain injury becomes noticeable.

*I still love him. A lot.

*Enough to make getting him on a trip to DisneyWorld (never been either of us) as my next WashProject.

*Other news? Ok, our microwave broke. And my ***** has not spoken to me in almost 3 weeks.
Apparently I still owe an apology for getting sick (gallbladder exploded. not pleasant) at dinner.
Sigh, whut?
I can't deal with the drama. Frak it. I have myself and Wash to take care of and frankly that's all I can do. I can't 'manage' *****.
But, alas, I live in a crazy '***** has her own reality' life. And one day maybe I will accept the ditching me/pushing me away in my greatest time of need. But right now?
I just have to keep my husband alive.

*also, frak the neo-nazi Pierce and his pos SB1070. Can't move due to Wash. Can't stay due to politics and gross human rights violations.
I'm also way too much on cold pills to try and articulate myself right now. S'about it.

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  1. I read your comment on Jezebel and wanted to stop by your blog. I hope you have a long time left together.