Friday, December 14, 2012

There, and Back Again

[Yes, it says "Senior". I grabbed my mum's ticket stub instead of mine. 11:06 am is the time on Thursday we joined the queue; 4th and 5th place in line. Until 9 hours later when 12 or more queue jumpers skipped place and went to the front. There was more than just me pissed off at a dozen people literally skipping the HOURS we all waited patiently in line, to get in the theatre first. Different rant.]

I'll be back after I've slept some. It's been about 3 days on maybe 10 hours of sleep total. At some point, my body has to give out and let me sleep, right? Worst case, I don't sleep through Monday when I see my doc next, and maybe I can get something different to help me at night.

Oh, and I counted 7 endings for this one, Jackson. I mean, Really?!

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