Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Day

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out yesterday to remember the *life* and the love of Kevin.

Thank you to everyone who could not be there, but held him in your own light. 

Thank you for helping me remember his spirit, not his cancer. 

Thank you.

Thank you as well to my friends for helping me to not be alone to kindle the first light of Hannukah last night. This is the photo I have of Wash's last Hannukah in 2011. He always loved that holiday. 


  1. Hanukkah is, as I understand it (Christian girl here), about commemorating a miraculous light that kept burning long after it should've gone out.

    That pretty much sums up how I feel about Kevin now. The stories I heard and the people I met will keep him alive as long as I am, and well after, as I'm now telling everybody about this amazing man I never met.

    Wikipedia tells me that the extra candle on a menorah is called a "shamash." It says that the purpose of having it is to provide a light throughout Hanukkah--it acts as an attendant for the other lights. You are Kevin's shamash, and because of you, his light will never go out.

  2. I hope the memorial service was all you hoped it would be. I'm sure it was laden with beauty and meaning and reflected all of your community's love for your husband.