Monday, November 15, 2010

So much, so little

My day so far;
*Almost 2 hours (so far) between our Insurance, his cancer doc, and our pharmacy. Basically, the insurance is being a dick and demanding the dr's office do the same paperwork over and over because they can't understand a neuro-oncologist is both a neurologist and an oncologist.
So they are refusing to pay for Wash's meds.
And as a bonus we're getting a new higher co-pay so I'm back to pretty much not being able to afford meds. $4/med is not that much.... until you do the math on more than 20 Rx's a month. For just him. Plus all my meds- at least 5-6 scripts a month to top.
I just want his meds so he doesn't die *right now* and his meds so he isn't vomiting or in constant pain.

And I flattened a tire so I will need to replace that ASAP with money I literally don't have.

I think I'm gonna go finish laundry and throw some darts at a photograph of our "dearly elected Governor".
How's your Monday goin'?

At least the active chemo right now is over. "Hard" part, eh?

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