Thursday, November 4, 2010

One year; Beating the Odds

He has next month's chemo to get through and then we have "the talk" with his Neuro-Oncologist.

There are 3 options he has right now, and they are pretty much the same ones from this year- again providing he doesn't have a new tumor grow in the next 6 weeks or so.

A) Stay on Temodar for another 2,4, or 6 months.
B) Move on to a course of Avastin or enroll in an Avastin/Comptosar trial for 2011
C) Stop chemo and move MRI screenings up to every 2-4 weeks. No "active" treatment; at this point if he wanted we could then qualify with our insurance to get Hospice Coverage.

Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out where we be will over the Giftmas holidays.
Working on projects, trying to find money to pay always continuing bills.
Growing in the garden; harvested my fall peppers and we have winter tomatoes growing and even a winter melon! I pulled a gallon's worth of Basil leaves the other day and gave them to my mum to cook with. I like sharing, that's part of the "goodness" of a garden; it can feed one physically and spiritually.

I'm averaging about 3-5 loads of laundry a week. Maybe 1- 1 1/2 loads are my clothes. I honestly have no idea where all these dirty smelly clothes come from or how he could produce so many in such a short time frame. It's amazing.
Based on my calculations on fill dates I should have about 10 trips to the Pharmacy to be made in the next 7 days. Le sigh.

Leto has recovered from his neutering. He now officially is a 7 lb male! Aelphie and him are getting along a bit better, I even have pictures of them sleeping within 2 feet of each other. Cats. Silly fur tubes of socialized behaviour.

Do better for others than what you do for yourself.

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