Sunday, October 21, 2012

Complete the Circle

"Everyone goes through hardships. The challenge of being a person, with compassion, is to pass that help along to the next person who needs it."

Friends, you all have done so much for Wash and myself.
You've helped to keep us in the home he wanted to die in. You are helping me to stay here right now, where I can still feel Wash around me.
You've helped us pay for food, and medicine, and cool air in the 119F heat of summer.

You helped buy clothes for Wash when the cancer changed his body shape, more than once.

Right now, I am living off of your generosity. When Wash died, our small Disability stipend stopped, so it's literally your kindness that keeps me in this home now, helps me to get food, to visit the doctor and get meds to help me cope after Wash's passing.
You are helping me to have the funds to have the memorial for Wash he did want.

I am so thankful for all of you.
I have something else to ask my readers.

I'd like you to smile right now. Chances are most of you have your teeth when you do.
Think of your morning routine, think of waking up and brushing your teeth, brushing them before bed.
Think of every smile you've given before a photo was taken of you. Yes, even the ones where you may have had braces, or a gap, or something in your teeth.

Now, I'd like you to think about my friend Mary O who cannot do that.
Like Wash, she faced cancer. Unlike him she's still around to fight. But it has cost her greatly.
Mary is in her 30s and does not have teeth. She's gone through surgery, and radiation. She has fought.
Medical Care in the US is something I could, and have, written other blog posts about.
But right now, Mary needs some teeth.

So, my friends, I'm asking you to think tomorrow when you brush your teeth.
Think about your $3.00 tube of toothpaste Mary cannot use or buy.
Think about your $2.00 toothbrush she does not have the luxury of being able to use.

I'm asking you, if you can, go to the link. Read her story. Think about your own smile; could you put a value on it? Think about taking the $5.00 you might have spent on your next toothbrush or paste and donating it so Mary can get some teeth.

As always, thank you for helping me continue to learn to Hope for Humanity.


  1. Your generosity of spirit amazes me. How wonderful that you're using this chance to bring attention to the plight of someone else! You're an incredible woman. No wonder your Wash loved you so much. :-)

  2. While this request from you touches me deeply (I cried), it surprises me not at all. You have showed us your generosity and courage many times over the last three years - it's easy to see why Wash loved you so much. (Are we really talking about him in the past tense? I still slip sometimes.)

    Filing this post in my memory under This Is What Paying It Forward Looks Like and heading over to Mary O. Salud, Tashi! Great job as usual!